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    Major problems after moving sites to new pc

    Tabasc Level 1

      I just moved my (CS3) sites to a new pc using Site Export/Import. All site files are in the same folder structure. I updated the site definition to reflect the current computer's different home folder location, etc. Paths to site files are set up as relative so the site code should still be correct.


      PROBLEM: Site settings don't seem to have been copied over in the export/import site settings process. None of the images are displaying in pages, and the whole layout looks strange because the template is not displaying correctly. The page text is there, but it is not formatted. Styles used in creating the site are not showing up in the DW properties tab. Upload to server acts like it works, but the files do not show up on the server and yet no error message.


      CHECKED: Verified folder settings in site definition for htm, images and template are all correct for the new pc. Verified file locations are correct for images that arent displaying. Tried manually re-adding the same image from the same location and then the image does display correctly (but can't do that for hundreds and hundreds of images across entire site). Verified connection to server works. Tried uploading a test page to the server and it acted like it was uploading, with progress status bar and "put operation successful", but the page did not end up on the server.


      I'm not very technical and this is really confusing. Any suggestions appreciated.