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    GPU vs CPU playback?


      I have noticed that GPU playback (most likely rendering too) on my machine is slower than CPU playback. Are there any Adobe benchmarks or minimum requirements related to graphics cards for Premiere Elements?


      I have a i7-920, 8GB, 512MB 64bit Radeon 4350 graphics card. I was thinking of upgrading my graphics card to maybe 1GB 128 bit however my mother board does not PCIe 2.0 only supports PCIe x16 & I noticed that graphics cards I am eyeing are all PCIe 2.0. Any thoughts on if upgrading GPU will improve playback and even rendering speed?


      My machine is free of bloatware and crapware as I always do a clean install after buying my desktops so there isn't anything else hogging up resources while Premiere is running.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Your graphics card should be way more than enough to do the job, yam.


          How about doing some tests and posting some benchmarks from your experience?


          Make sure to mention which version of the software you're using. Some things were apparently left undone in version 8, and it could be that version 7 will produce very different results!