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    How do I edit CSS for WordPress which I've added to my website?

    Mr. Monroe Level 1

      I just added WordPress to my website; I would like to change the font size of the post I have on WordPress which solicits comments from viewers. I have been told by contributors on the WordPress Support Forum that in order to change the font size I should edit my WordPress Style Sheet (CSS), but I don't know how to do this. Can someone point me in the right direction?

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          M.R.Biesheuvel Level 3

          You can do it from an all ready made theme or start from scratch. I allways use the default theme and build up index.php (in the theme directory) from scratch.


          There's also a book about it but i think it's a litle outdated but it can help you on your way:


          Word Press Theme Design

          ISBN 978-1-847193-09-4




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            Mr. Monroe Level 1

            Thank you Nancy O. and M.R. Biesheuvel for your suggestions:


            In accordance with Nancy O.'s suggestion, I followed Ryan Grabenstein’s instructions for creating a DreamWeaver page for the Blog page that I want to edit. At this point, my editing does not show up on my website when I “put” it. In an attempt to figure out what the problem is, let me begin with two very basic questions:


            1/         How do I know if I have “a working theme activated in WordPress?” Here’s the quote from Ryan’s tutorial:


            “The other way to see a WordPress theme in Design view requires you to have a working theme activated in WordPress so you can preview your blog in your browser.”


            I incorporated WordPress into my website through Fantastico, but I didn’t to anything special to it. There may be a default theme, but this I don’t know.


            2/         Ryan writes that one should link to a local “style.css” file. I have a file for my CSS, but it’s called “main.css” Does this make a difference?

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              Mr. Monroe Level 1

              Nancy O.: I have found three websites which address WordPress style sheets:


              Playing With Fonts: http://codex.wordpress.org/Playing_With_…


              Font Size and Color: http://en.support.wordpress.com/editors/…


              How to Change Font Size In Wordpress: http://www.ehow.com/how_5469172_change-f…



              Here are the instructions from the third website above:

              Things You'll Need:

              Site designed in Wordpress

              Administrator access



              Step 1

              First, to change the font size on a Wordpress site you need to log into the site as administrator. If you do not know how to reach the login page, simply add "/wp-login.php" after the "www.url.com" address. Then login using the admin sign in.



              Step 2

              Next, get to the Wordpress file editor by going to Appearance->Editor.



              Step 3

              Once in Editor, identify the Stylesheet file (style.css) and click to edit. This is usually located on the right hand side under the "Styles" heading.



              Step 4

              Once in the style.css file, you want to conduct a search for "fontsize". This parameter is used throughout the style.css file and is the parameter used to control font size. Next to "fontsize" you will see something like "16px". Simply increase or decrease the "16" to change font size. The tricky part is to figure out which "fontsize" you want to edit.



              The way to do this is to first look at the heading it is under. If it is under "comment-template", it is obviously related to either the font size of the comments themselves or perhaps the comment form or the date/time stamp of the comment.



              It may take a little trial and error to find the right "fontsize" to modify. Simply modify the one you think is correct and in a separate window, reload the page with the font you are looking to modify. If it did not change, undo the previous edit and try a different "fontsize".



              I went to the Dashboard and clicked on the “Appearance” icon on the left-hand side, and then clicked on editor. I clicked on Stylesheet (style.css), but I have not been able to find the “fontsize” that would change my post font size. Some of the font sizes are given as a percentage, and I don’t know if these come into question.



              The end result is that I still have not been able to change my post font size, other than by using the Heading 1 through 6 option, which, I understand, is not the best way to do it.