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    file damaged


      HELP ! When I tried to open my file (which I worked on this morning at home and have tried to open on 3 different Macs here at school,) it says "file is damaged and can not be opened or repaired" Someone pleeease tell me this is just a nightmare and that it can be fixed. Thanks 

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          John Danek Level 4

          So, the original file is located at home?  The file you are trying to open at school may not have been saved properly.  Sometimes, when saving to a flash drive, if you remove the flash drive prematurely, it may "dump" what you saved to it.  Just a hunch.

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            Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

            I agree you cant just remove the card or disk without verifying it is either been properly ejected or burnt.


            You have to check that the a disk is properly burnt and mountable.


            You might however be able to place the file in an empty AL file.

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              moluapple Level 4



              "file is damaged and can not be opened or repaired"

              That's not true! I have successful repaired some files before, even there is no PDF embedded.