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    Trouble uploading .dwt file to godaddy hosting


      I am using CS4 and am trying to upload my .dwt file to the GoDaddy hosting site.  The file uploads ok, but doesn't work.  I am using a PC with Windows XP.  Does anyone have any tips for me?  Thanks in advance!

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          John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You don't upload the .dwt files. That's a Dreamweaver Template which is only used by DW.


          From the .dwt you create .htm files and upload those.

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            Robert Heist II Level 3

            Yeah, you don't need to upload the .dwt files at all, unless you need to share them with other developers on your site.

            They are used locally on your computer by DW to create and maintain your .html files.  All you need to upload are the .html files and even

            if you do upload the Templates folder and the .dwt files and try and navigate to them in your browser, they will just download rather than display in your borswer.  It might even be that your server won't even serve them up so they wouldn't even download.  In any event, you won't see them in your browser...but that's ok because you only need to see the .html files that the .dwt files are used to create/maintain.