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    Problem right-justifying class-formatted button.

    joannfigueras Level 1

      My button has a class (see below), but as soon as I apply the class to right-justified TEXT FOR THE BUTTON, it moves left.  The justification buttons in the Properties panel have no effect after I add the formatting. What else has to be done with this button?  (I don't want an apDiv because I can't use absolute positioning.) The buttons need to be at the end of paragraphs.  In instances where I need two such buttons, I put them in a 3-column table (middle column empty for spacing), which I can then justify.  But what about one button, right justified?


      thanks, Joann




      display: block;

      cursor: pointer;

      background-color: #6699FF;

      padding: 0.1em;

      color: #000000;

      text-decoration: none;

      border: thick;

      border: solid;

      border-top-color: #0066ff;

      border-right-color: #0066ff;

      border-bottom-color: #0066ff;

      border-left-color: #0066ff;

      font-weight: bold;


      width: 10em;

      font-size: 100%;