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    Process Server, Dynamic Link, Export and HANG

    Thrill Media Level 2

      My joke of the day... what do Adobe and Toyota have in common?  Crash!   Hey, I'm trying to make light out of a bad situation.


      Here's the deal, I edited four straight days on a 12 minute video, at 9:00pm last night I was going to export the video for client review this morning.  Media encoder would load the file and then nothing. Now I can not proceed with the edit.


      I CAN load the project, but I can NOT save the project.  When I save the project it acts like it has saved fine and I can shut down PP without error but when I try to re-load it, PP hangs.


      Originally, I thought it was caused by Dynamic Link as in "send to Encore" as seen here: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/543512?tstart=0 so, since then I haven't used Dynamic Link, I just export a video and then load that into Encore to make a quick web version.


      This time when I tried to export, I got a "ProcessServer" error as seen here: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/388668?tstart=0 I shut down PP and re-started the machine and PP in hopes of continuing.  I also took a look at this thread: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/586853?tstart=0 along the way.


      I can't figure out how to proceed.  What is weird is that I can load and edit away on the project without any problems, it edits fine.  It is only when I save the project and then try to re-open it that it will hang.  Could something be corrupting it on "save"??  How can I tell?   I have tried save, save as, save a copy... none work.


      Vista 64, Core i7 940, nVidia QuadroFX1700, 8Gig Ram, PP CS4.2.1.  It is a 24PA widescreen timeline, it is a mix of footage 29.97 DV, Widescreen 24PA DV and uncompressed graphics created in AE.  Everything was either captured in PP or saved as Uncompressed out of AE.  No HD, no HDV, no MPEG, etc.


      The last time this happened, I just re-edited the whole video since it was short.  I would prefer not to have to do that this time around.


      Any ideas?