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    CS3 timeline-based SWF playback issue (sprint 10)

    Justin H. Johnson

          ( new Example
              (    "AFWEB: SWF"
              ,    "Demonstrates display of a SWF using SWFElement and SWFLoader."
                ,     function():MediaElement
                           var swfElement:SWFElement = new SWFElement(new URLResource("../assets/simple-as3-animation.swf"));
                           return swfElement;


      I'm using the above code in the ExampePlayer project provided in the sprint 10 package. The SWF was compiled from CS3; it is timeline-based animation with 11 frames. The Media Player shows "Bytes loaded: 669" and "Bytes total: 669", but I don't see anything on the Stage. However, if I resize the browser window, the animation suddenly appears (as if it's been playing the whole time). This behavior is consistent across multiple computers and browsers. I'm currently running:


      WinXP SP3

      Intel Core 2 Duo

      Firefox 3.6

      IE 7

      Chrome 4


      Any thoughts?