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    Mesh tool - Fish




      I going through a tutorial where I am going to make a... fish!


      Step 3 on: http://www.tutorialized.com/view/tutorial/How-to-Create-a-Vector-Goldfish-in-Six-Steps/551 93


      I have just made a Clipping Mask of a rectangel and the fishbody, I don't know why actually because the only thing that happend when I made a Clipping Mask of the fish and the orange rectangle, was that the fishbody got orange.


      After that I got a description how to add a light on the body, and they are telling me (in the text under) that I am going to use mesh tool and click in fishbody.


      "Create the specks of light on the body of the fish. Add a point to  the mesh by using the Mesh Tool (U) and clicking anywhere in the shape’s  area (picture 3c). After converting a shape into a mesh, you can select  points with three tools: Mesh Tool, Direct Selection Tool, and the  Lasso Tool.

      All you have to do now is to add color to the mesh by selecting a  color from the swatches palette. I took colors from the Swatch library  > Metal. Get creative with color in this stage to get an excellent  result."



      The problem is When I got the Mesh Tool(U) activated (If I point at the fishbody, there's a border around the fish) and click on the orange fishbody... Nothing is happening, I not sure what is supposed happend but nothing is happening.


      What can I do?