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    Variation on a theme - Why does Robohelp resize gifs when import from mif?


      This is a variation of other threads, in my case we still have

      an old RoboHelp (2003) because it still works. One weakness was our

      documents have many screen shots (96ppi in gif) and they were converted to

      jpeg and sized too small to be legible. We resolved this by writing a perl script that

      swapped back the original gifs and updated the references in the html to point to the gif files.

      For many years it worked, customer very happy, as in attachment.


      Now with Robohelp8 (have demo), the figures are staying as gif, and yet they are still being

      downsized. I've read other forums, but need to know the exact steps for what to do when I import,

      since I have many screenshots and could not tweak each figure to make it the real pixel size.

      (and yet when double-click the image it shows the figure clearly, see other attachment.


      There are a lot of other issues, but this is a good start, thanks.