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    HTML Control ignores empty paragraph tags <p/>

    Typidee Level 1

      Is there any way to get the HTML control to honor empty paragraph tags (e.g. <P ALIGN="LEFT"/>)?


      I am using a multiline-enabled TextArea with the htmlText property.  If empty lines are inserted in the TextArea and passed to the HTML control the empty lines are truncated.  For example, if i enter the following text in a TextArea:

      some text

      some other text


      the resulting TextArea.htmlText property contains the following:


      <P ALIGN="LEFT">some text</P>

      <P ALIGN="LEFT"/>

      <P ALIGN="LEFT">some other text</P>


      However, if that HTML is then passed to the HTML control it is rendered like this:


      some text

      some other text



      Anyone have an idea how to work around this?