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    ActionScript and sound clipping


      Can someone settle a question?

      Are there any libraries or functions that exist in actionscript (2 or 3) for importing audio, clipping said audio on the fly, then exporting the audio?

      Like, let's say there's a client app for doing media mashups. Could actionscript in the swf allow someone to upload an audio clip to the swf, clip the audio within the swf, then export the new clip--all on the client side, no server?

      One person says yes, this can be done all within the swf.

      I'm saying no, not possible.

      The reason I'm saying no, not possible, is that there are no actionscript methods for exporting media out of a swf. The swf would have to pass the audio clip to a server, which the swf would then download, which could then be manipulated within the swf--but the only thing that could export at that point are variables to a server side device to actually retrieve the original audio clip, cut it up, then export it. Maybe a flex or php or perl architecture.

      Who's right? Either, neither? There is honor at stake! :)