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    Co-mingling Flex and HTML

    ChiefRocka00 Level 1
      I have a pretty robust Flex application that I am working on and I have some Help documentation that is static HTML. I am using the TabNavigator as my navigation and one of the tabs is this help documentation. I have a couple of questions now:
      1. Can a tab navigator load an HTML page?
      2. Is there an eay way to render HTML on a Flex page?
      3. What if I had a little dynamic content that was date specific but my page was largely static text, what would be the best approach for this page?

      Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!!!
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          peterent Level 2
          Greg is correct - you need to use AIR. The Flash Player does not have an HTML rendering engine in it. Think about it - rendering HTML is a pretty hefty trick and it would increase the size of the Flash Player footprint by an order of magnitude. The Flash Player is a small download and we don't want to make it a burden for anyone to get and use.

          AIR on the other hand is a separate download which does have an HTML rendering engine in it. You can put your AIR apps onto a web site and let people download them (they are approx the same size as any Flex app) - the end user then installs the AIR app as any other desktop software.
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            This is very limiting - I am writing a flex application that will be used on government computers. The users often do not have permission to install applications, but they can get the Flash player. Therefore, my development requirement is no client side install other than the flash player.

            Flex now has modules - can't there be a similar concept for a flash player module (or separate browser plugin) for rendering html? (and, incidentally, allowing integration of PDF viewing/editing/saving into the flex window)? It would only load on need.
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              Actually, a great solution using a new Flex 3 feature would be to have the HTML footprint available as a RSL Runtime Shared Library.

              Then Flex web applications that need HTML can work. If I understand RSL right, the HTML footprint would be obtained on first use, and then be readily available for subsequent use. This would be perfect for restricted environments, like in government situations.

              The key part of this RSL solution is explained about halfway into this Adobe video:


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                i've use the htmlText property of TextArea to some effect. there are SERIOUS limitations. for example, it's best if you specify height and width for all your images so that the layout happens as you expect. it also helps to set the condenseWhiteSpace property to true.

                for my wife's site, i have very static html that i render, and for the most part it works ok. one thing i hate is that an image can't be the first thing in the text. dunno why, but i've not gotten that to work.

                my wife's site is: http://www.frozenfield.net - to see an example, go to the Field Journal or the Profiles.

                there was a guy who wrote an html component that he used to charge for. i think he's a little disgruntled now because he was trying to build a small business out it and then adobe came out with AIR - not sure if you can still get it. but AIR still doesn't deal with a fully net-deployed situation. so i think there is still some need for such a component.

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                  peterent Level 2
                  Please fill out an enhancement request at bugs.adobe.com/jira.
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                    snagson Level 1
                    Peter, unfortunately I don't have an account which allows me to login to bugs.adobe.com/jira
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                      peterent Level 2
                      You can register yourself - there's no special account required and you can uncheck the 'email me about...' boxes, if any. Plus having an account there will let you monitor the request and enter others or search for similar issues you may have in the future.
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                        snagson Level 1
                        Hi Peter,

                        Sorry to bug you again, but http://bugs.adobe.com/jira appears to be an Adobe-internal site.

                        External people can set up accounts at this URL, but are prevented from logging into these accounts. To contact one of the listed admins for help you have to have access to the internal Adobe phone list.