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    Auto-analyzer & SmartFix first experience/question

    ruffhouseutah Level 1

      OK, I read somewhere where one of the great features of PE8 is it's ability to automatically analyze clips and fix the detected problems, so I decided to give it a try.


      We've been capturing entire VHS tapes without scene detection, so some of our files are literally two straight hours of video, even though there are many different scenes. The one I chose to test with covers six months of family memories, so there's quite a variety of lousy footage that's ripe for fixing.


      First off, it took more than two hours to analyze the file, but when it was done, here's what I experienced:


      1. Scene Detection did an excellent job of splitting everything apart into dozens of smaller clips, though some of the chunks are only seconds long and I probably wouldn't have split them, but no big deal

      2. The Organizer does a neat job of stacking all the new "sub-clips" on top of each other so they can be grabbed and moved together while keeping them in order, which is very handy

      3. In the Organizer I saw quite the assortment of smart tags now associated with each sub-clip: color, zoom, audio, shaky, focus, etc., so I was quite hopeful that the SmartFix might save me a lot of time by reading these tags and automatically applying the correct effect or fix, just like the advertising says

      4. I opened a test project and put the clip on the timeline, noticing that by grabbing the one clip, all the sub-clips that were created with scene detection come right with it and stay in the original order, which is great

      5. As soon as I drop the clip set on the timeline, a dialog pops up asking me if I want to apply SmartFix, I clicked Yes

      6. After only a brief pause it appears to be done, so I go to see what effects have been applied and I see... Stabilizer... and nothing else. All the other Smart Tags were ignored... on every single clip.

      7. So, I get smart and select all the clips together, right-click and select "SmartFix" again, hoping that this might trigger a new round that will apply all the other color and focus fixes that were needed, as indicated by the Smart Tags... this time, PE8 just hangs. Restart, try again, it hangs.

      8. So, I try selected a single clip, right-click, select SmartFix, and guess what it does? It adds a SECOND Stabilizer effect. And if I do it again, it adds a third.

      9. So I auto-analyze another large clip and repeat the test... same results.


      Does anyone know why the Smart Tags are completely ignored? I see them there, but fixes are not being applied... What am I doing wrong? It would be wonderful if this feature worked as it seems to be advertised... does it work for everyone but me? Is this just another PE8 bug?


      Sorry for the length, but for anyone who works with large captures of varying quality, this capability of PE8 could be a God-send if it worked properly...