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    Fly-Through Camera Titles? (Link)


      Please help me learn how to create this effect:




      I am using 2D objects, placing them in 3D space, using a camera and lights to navigate around.


      I assume I just move the camera around and play with the lights, etc. , but if there's a better way like using a null or a tutorial that you can lead me to, I'd greatly appreciate it.


      e.g., I have NO CLUE how to bring the foreground and background focus with precision, not just random apeture/blur adjustments, the way this (link above) video does.


      Should I use a null object?


      Is there a plug-in that'll make ths easier?


      Thanks in advance!

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          A project like this requires a great deal of planning. You design your set (how the layers are arranged, block out the action, then set up your camera movements.


          You can attach the focus distance to a null with an expression. You can also use nulls to move the camera around by using parenting. Sometimes, depending on your blocking, you'll have an easier time if you use a bunch of nulls, one for each camera move. You parent the camera to null 1, move null one, then parent null 1 to null 2 and move the camera with null 2, then you parent null 2 to  null 3 and move the camera by animating null 3.


          Somewhere out there on the web is a Kinetic Text AE tutorial that presents a very clever solution to these kinds of difficult camera moves.


          If it were me I'd start with a pencil and paper, layout my set, then arrange the elements in AE's 3D space, work out your camera move, then add in focus, and as a last step, put in the lights. I did one not too long ago that was similar and it took about 4 days to build 30 seconds.

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            LillianY Level 1

            Hi Rick,


            Thank yo for replying.


            I've found this tool by Andrew Kramer on Video Copilot, the Sure Target 2 plugin. I believe that it'll help me achieve the task, but your response was helpful as well.