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    Folder Structure

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      I have just started using Dreamweaver and am having problems with my folder structure.


      I am not new web design (I have reluctantly moved over from GoLive) and could easily navigate folders from a DOS prompt so it is definitely the way Dreamweaver handles things that is confusing me.


      I like to create a folder for all my web sites [d:/websites]. From there, d:/websites/website1, d:/websites/website2 etc. This is the way I do it in GoLive with no issues.


      Problem 1

      When creating a DW site, in a subfolder it will not let me create d:/websites/website1, I have to create d:/websites/website1/website1. It doesn't do anything with the second "website1" folder, and I can delete it later but I just cannot create it without first creating this second folder. Not necessarily a problem but strange.


      Problem 2

      This is the problem issue although I suspect the above may be somehow related.

      DW appears to think that every site I create is just part of a d:/websites site (even though this is not a site). Meaning when I "put" it want to upload the files in the d:/websites folder {which there are none} to the www folder on FTP and all the folders containing different sites off that folder to subfolders off that www.


      I solve this manualy uploading files but I would prefer to use the DW features if they worked .


      I am sure that there must be something I am doing wrong, but I just can't fathom it. I certainly don't want to create every new website off the root directory (which it appears is what DW really wants me to do).