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    Why is there no simple search of this forum?


      Am I blind? It's got to be here somewhere...


      I see two search boxes, one to the upper right of the forum page and one in the extreme upper right...


      If I do a search in the closest search box, I get answers for dozens of other Adobe products that are useless to me, I then must refine my search by scrolling down a very long list and then re-executing.


      Every other forum I've been to has a simple search of the forum you're visiting...  am I just missing it?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          That lower box is what you want, BUT, when you get that list, choose Show All (at the very bottom - or similar syntax), that opens a new frame on the page. There, use the Options to filter on the Adobe fora, and then People, if that is helpful. Not the best, and I normally use Google instead. Also, the list of Adobe programs goes on for about 8 miles, with all sorts of different languages. They claimed that they were going to break out each language, and that English was going to be the first section. Do not see any improvement, and Premiere Elements is way down the list, but is just after Photoshop in every language known to mankind.


          Good luck,




          [Edit] on most fora, that I frequent, when one is in a certain forum/board, ALL searches are limited to that one, by default. It used to be that way here, long ago.