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    Deselected image disappears


      Just got Illustrator today. After drawing a pen image and then deselecting that image, the image disappears. I would still like to see the image even though it isn't selected. To be able to see the image again I have to click on one of the points. The layers are all visible. How do I view an image even though it isn't selected?

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          Scott Falkner Level 6

          The path you drew either has no fill or stroke or has fill and/or stroke colours the same as the background. You can select it again by clicking where you think the path is, or by dragging a selection marquee with any arrow tool. Once selected, pick a fill or stroke colour from the Swatches panel or Color panel. If you press Command (Control in Windows) Y you will see a wireframe view of your drawing. Paths can still be selected and given fill or stroke colours, but they will still appear as wireframes until you press Command Y again.