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    AIR and ActiveX

    what mean

           I've been working on a AIR application which uses activeX to show a password input text. I wonder if AIR supports activeX? or has its own way to do the same job?

           I use the following code in ie, it works fine.

      •      <body>
                <object id="SecInputX" width=158 height=24
                    <param Name="PasswordMaxLen" value="6">
                    <param Name="PasswordChars" value="1234567890aA">
                    <param Name="PublicKey"    value="BF6C2C496593917FEEDFE0F6C62BA237C32A99886D66CC3D20DBAEB38484D001C86EE38576C6A92CA3 C94C03B1AD284A0F85498D3DEB9134DFC57BABE8271401">
                    <param Name="JsOnKey" value="pwKeydown">
        <input type="submit" value="submit" onclick="test()"/>

        I wonder how can i do it in air application?