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    loadPolicyFile with XMLSocket - cached?

      Have an XMLSocket based app working crossdomain etc - all good... HOWEVER:

      We want to have the flash movie polling to see if the socketserver is online (the socket server is installed on the user's system as well, and the download is instigated from the flash movie etc)

      I think repeated calls to System.security.loadPolicyFile with the same uri ("xmlsocket//blah:x" during an install process to detect the socket server running) are not working for us - my only theory is that the first call (which happens before the socket server starts) is cached internally - and subsequent calls to loadPolicyFile with the same uri are ignored.

      Can anyone confirm? My tests with a socket monitor monitor seem to confirm... though i could just be dead wrong anyway. I have tried appending "/"; + getTime() to the uri and the like to trick flash into not caching, but no luck.

      Just wanted to see if there is any way around this before we have the flash movie reload (which seems to be the only way to get this to work).