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    Help with Rollover Image


      Hello, i am new to using dreamweaver and setting up webpages. I was attempting to create a roll-over image in my navigation bar and the image is popping up and working, but the original image is still there next to it. Wondering if anyone has any idea on why the original image is still there in addition to the new image with the rollover. Any help would be appreciated!!


      Here is the link to my page - http://steamboatplaces.com


      Thanks a lot!



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          If you're talking about the "Home" button in particular, I see two instances of the image in your code (the rollover works just fine for me).  You've got home_on.jpg and home_btn.gif (perhaps one is a placeholder, though?). 


          If you're still having a problem with the rollover, kindly post what browser and version you're using to preview the site (as I wasn't able to reproduce any problems with the rollover in Chrome and IE8/IE8 Compatibility Mode).