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    print scaleType:showAll, generates 2 pages, the correct page and one blank page

    joelisaachart@gmail.com Level 1



      So I have a the following function:


      private function printJobCreator():void{


      var printJob:FlexPrintJob=new FlexPrintJob();


      printJob.addObject(printableInvoice, "showAll");







      It seems to kind of work. However when it prints, it creates one page that is the right page, and one page that is blank. This isn't going to work for me because I have to run batches of many pages, so having every other page as a blank page isn't an option.


      Additionally, my goal was to print multiple pages in one printJob for batch reports. This unfortunately doesn't seem like it is going to work. I was able to make a component that essentially would repeat container.addChild(printableInvoice) for each index in an object, each printableInvoice containing some dynamic concept, however I can't for the life of me get it to print like this.


      So the current solution is annoying because for each invoice you have to go through the print dialogue again. Any Ideas? I realized I could do multiple printJob.addObject() calls, but this doesn't work for me because of the blank page issue.... So I either need to solve the blank page issue or generate a UI object that has multiple printableInvoices in it and print that UI object.


      Any help?