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    Macromedia flex builder 1.5




      do anyone have idea on the flex builder 1.5 since our requirements more rely on the flash player 7.

      In one of the adobe support sites,it is mentioned that Macromedia flex builder 1.5 supports flash player 7.


      Usually i used to work on the flex builder 3 for creating applications,but flex builder 3 doesn't meet the requirements(it requires minimum FP9)

      since we want to run the flex applications in FP7.


      I have installed the macromedia flex builder 1.5 and started to create first site using flex builder 1.5 i really confused with the term "Flex server root" and "URL"


      Can somebody tell me what is the "flex server root" and "URL" in macromedia flex builder 1.5?

      Since i am using IIS6.0 webserver for server request and responses. How to configure IIS6.0 with flex builder 1.5?


      Kindly suggest me solution.



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          pauland Level 4

          I think you've already been told that FB 1.5 is probably no longer supported. Even if it were Flex 1.5 required a completely different infrastructure to operate than Flex 2.0 and above. Flex 2.0 and above  involves the generation of static swfs on the developers computer for eventual deployment on a remote server. Flex 1.5 required a significant infrastructure on the server to support the generation of swfs automatically in response to changes in mxml files  - rather like editing a jsp results in the server creating corresponding java code. The Flex 1.5 licence was very costly (to put it mildly).


          You may want to support FP 7, and it may have been possible in the past, but I would forget it or use Flash.



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            ShaneNari Level 1

            Thanks for the reply.


            But, the mobile device what i have currently working on supports only FP 7 which flex builder 2 or flex builder 3 does not support.

            Is JRun webserver is required to deploy the flex builder 1.5 applications? I am using IIS6.0.can you tell me how to set the flex server path with iis 6.0 in macro media flex builder 1.5


            Do u think no solution to my problem?

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              pauland Level 4

              Use Flash.

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                David_F57 Level 5



                You need to realise that no version of flex/flash builder supports mobile devices, flex 1-1.5 is an enterprise solution once again it doesn't support mobile devices. If you want to use flash content on a mobile device you need flash, which pauland has tried to explain to you, you also need a mobile device that supports flash. I am not aware of any mobile device made over the last 3 years that supports such legacy software.


                This is the real heart of the matter, its one thing to maintain legacy software and use the 'legacy' tools to do so but a totally unreal expectation to take legacy software designed for a completely different solution to develop software for a legacy device.


                On another note this particular forum category is about flashbuilder and the flex sdk neither of these subjects come remotely close to the area in which you are seeking a solution.


                Unless you can find a solution from forums more closely related to legacy mobile flash solutions you really are stuck with the only solution anyone in this forum will suggest and that is to use flash.




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                  pauland Level 4

                  If you were still in any doubt about this, the memory footprint required for most Flex projects is larger than most mobile devices can tolerate, in any version of Flex. It will certainly be true for a legacy device.

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                    ShaneNari Level 1

                    HI david,


                    Thanks for letting me know very good points

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                      David_F57 Level 5

                      Hi Shane,


                      no worries, I think as developers, we all have those haunting moments where the legacy stuff bites us...and managers/clients just don't want to know




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                        ShaneNari Level 1

                        Hi david,

                        Yes.Mobile support is there only in flash but not in flex it is right.

                        may be adobe in future will introduce the feature of flex for mobile devices(may be,not sure)



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                          David_F57 Level 5



                          There are a lot of exciting things planned for the future of adobe products mobile devices and embedded devices are part of the plan, eventually we will have both flex and Air for mobiles


                          This may interest you