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    RoboHelp support on Linux

      I am looking for assistance to create a context sensitive help using RoboHelp X5 to run on Linux as our client needs it. Can anyone here help me in this regard? In case I can't create one with RoboHelp X5 can you suggest an alternative to create a context sensitive help to run on Linux.

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          MergeThis Level 4
          Webhelp is the cross-platform help output you need to generate. Your developers only need to call the topic URLs through your project's start page to launch context-sensitive help.

          The RH online help has plenty of information about both subjects.

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            Anu_Techwriter Level 1
            Thank you Leon for you immediate reply, is there any method to use HTML help to generate context sensitive help that run on Linux?
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              MergeThis Level 4
              Yes, see my first reply (the developers call YourHelpStartPage.htm#ThisSpecificPageThatMatchesTheScreenName.htm). The key is that you name the topic the same as the name that developers assigned to the screen. RH WebHelp output is a cross-platform solution designed for access on a server (our app supports Windows, Linux, and Solaris).

              You can even do field-level help in a similar manner, matching the app's field names to bookmarks in the screen topic.

              If you have a merged project, you need to supply a "map" file that will allow the developers to identify the folder structure below the root (where the start page is). We call ours formpath.txt, and insert a series of CSV entries such as:

              ThisSpecificPageThatMatchesTheScreenName, mergedProjects\ThatSpecificProjectFolder

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