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    Director 11: why can't I create projector that doesn't need the .dir files?

    xenoglott Level 1

      I'm trying to publish my project so that I don't have to put the actual .dir files on the CDROM.


      I have about 16 .dir files going into it, but Director 11 has a couple of options for adding files/content, and neither of them are documented well enough for me to know how to use them:

      () a checkbox for "copy linked and dependent files"

      () a section for adding "dependent files"

      () a section for adding "additional files" (additional director movies/casts)


      That last one looked promising, but every time i include files in it, the .exe file never gets made. The publishing process goes on like it's doing something, then I look in the targeted directory and there is no .exe file there. Very, very frustrating.


      Please, please help me solve this... i've worked a year on this project and for this to be the only thing stopping me from completing it is ridiculous and depressing.