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    Switching between USB and audio out

      If I can get audio from either the audio out or USB (as in a USB headset), what determines where the sound goes? It seems to change between the two based on some priority, but is there a way to specify which one gets the sound? And while I'm at it, why does the emoticon menu offer a moon symbol?
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          CatBandit Level 3
          Hello ChrisBrewster,|

          I don't claim expertise at hardware - and I even think it might vary by manufacturer - but as a rule, I believe that the Audio Out (to speakers) might automatically be superceded by the USB device. That has been my limited experience, anyway. Perhaps someone can offer us a more definitive answer based on actual hardware training instead of (my) experience-based knowledge, which is limited to my own systems.

          The moon emoticon ... uh, why not have it?? You've never heard of a "blue moon"? According to Wikipedia:

          One modern blue moon definition is a result of a misinterpretation of the Maine Farmer's Almanac, where a second full moon occurs in a calendar month. The older definition of blue moon is for an extra full moon that occurs in a quarter of the year, which would normally have three full moons but sometimes has four. Oddly, it is the third full moon in a season that has four which is counted as the "extra" other full moon and named blue moon. According to certain folklore, it is said that when there is a blue moon, the moon has a face and talks to the items in its moonlight.
          There is more, of course, but now that I've done the search, the copy, and the paste, wouldn't you agree that your "moon query" is a really odd question to ask in a product software user-to-user community ... there is no one here who has anything to do with the creation or maintenance of the board?

          Ah well, it was fun looking it up in Wiki for you. Have a nice day!!