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    How to search just the Premiere Elements forum

    nealeh Level 5

      I really hate the search 'feature' in these forums - search everywhere and THEN filter results.


      All is not lost though. Searching these very same forums there are at least TWO ways to search the PRE forum only. One uses bookmarks, the other works only in FireFox and requires the FireFox Add-On 'Greasemonkey' to be installed.


      Here is the link to the original thread: Searching InDesign forums


      The community forum id for Premiere Elements is 3271. So adding the bookmark: http://forums.adobe.com/search.jspa?&resultTypes=MESSAGE&communityID=3271 will take you to a search screen with what looks like an error. But it isn't. Type your search words and only matches from the Premiere Elements forum are returned.


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