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    CF Flex2 wizard datagrid resize strangeness

      I just got started using the Flex2 ColdFusion/Flex application wizard. On the whole, it looks pretty good. But when I try to do a column resize, it only works some of the time. Some of the time the column resize works just like I expect it. but other times, when I try to drag the line between the columns, it changes the size of the SizeableTileWindow instead. I had to have other people verify this, because I thought I was seeing things.
      Sometimes it will work, and the next second it won't work on the same column. Sometimes if I click on the column heading to sort, the resize will start working for that column. Sometimes it will work to reduce the width of the column but not to increase the width. And somethimes, the resize works fine for all the columns.
      I have Flex Builder 2.0.167022. On Windows XP Tablet edition.
      Do Hot fixes have anything to do with this?
      Thanks for any help you can offer so I can keep my sanity here.
      Scott Emery
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          We've finally figured this out. The Flex Application wizard tries to use a cfComponents:SizeableTitleWindow which doesn't work. We changed it back to a mx:TitleWindow, and everything seems to work fine. The original component acts like the drag zones are too big. So when you click on the gridColumn, the application is getting confused about what I actually clicked on: the grid or the window. That accounts for the randomness of the actions.
          Are there any Hotfixes that correct this short comming? Although I had to back off the three Hotfixes to get the application wizard to work correctly in the first place.
          Come on Flex 3.
          Scott Emery