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    Pass parameters from AIR Badge to updated application through ApplicationUpdaterUI

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      We have developed an AIR application which is launched from the web. We pass parameters to the AIR application through the AIR Badge by putting the following Javascript in the web page:


        so.addVariable("playername", "gameplayer");
        so.addVariable("password", "playgame");
        so.addVariable("language", "English");

      We can get the parameters in the AIR application:


         NativeApplication.nativeApplication.addEventListener(BrowserInvokeEvent.BROWSER_INVOKE, OnBrowserInvoke);


         private function OnBrowserInvoke(Evt:BrowserInvokeEvent):void
              // Evt.arguments - The arguments




      In the AIR application, we are using ApplicationUpdaterUI to update itself:


        public function Init(UpdateURL:String):Boolean
              // Init the ApplicationUpdaterUI.
              m_ApplicationUpdaterUI       = new ApplicationUpdaterUI();
              m_ApplicationUpdaterUI.updateURL    = UpdateURL;
              m_ApplicationUpdaterUI.isCheckForUpdateVisible = false;


              // Config the event listener.
              m_ApplicationUpdaterUI.addEventListener(UpdateEvent.INITIALIZED, OnInitialized);
              return true;




        private function OnInitialized(Evt:UpdateEvent):void

      The ApplicationUpdaterUI can successfully update the application.


      Now the problem is that after the application is updated and aunched automatically, we cannot get the parameters from the web anymore! So what can we do now ? Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.