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    FW 8 popup-menu in CSS problem with IE7 & Safari

      hope that anyone out there got some ideas in my issue. I was already searching the forum for advice, but couldn't find meaningful infos.

      Here is my problem:
      I designed a page in FW8 (Mac) with a nice popup-menu. I exported this thing into DW8 having set the option to export the menu as CSS and slices to layers. Then I rearranged the html File and included some editable regions, as it was to be used as an template.
      Everything works fine in Firefox but IE7 and Safari experience some problems.
      The popup-layers are displayed behind the main text-area and not in front of it - this makes navigation a bit complicated.
      So teh menu is displayed with text and everything, but behind the main text.

      What I tried:
      I tried to reset the z-Index of the popup-layers to values below 10 (were set to 500) - didn't help.
      I gave every single item a z-index - didn't help.
      I gave the main text area an z-index of 0 or -1 - made the layer disappear.
      I reexported the whole thing - made me just crazy.
      I worked through the css file for errors - maybe I'm not to good in CSS ;)
      I checked the forums, but could only find issues where the menu was not displayed at all or the text was missing - doesn't apply.
      -- no more ideas :(

      Link to my page:

      Website Link

      I really appreciate your help! Any comments welcome!