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    error opening URL

      I'm working through lesson 11 in "Flash MX 2004 actionscript." The lesson states I need to put an .asp (and .mdb) file on a Windows server running IIS. This I don't have, so I uploaded the .asp & .mdb file to the ftp server of my website.
      The script is:
      var pollURL:String = " http://www.--mywebsite--.com/poll.asp";

      var poll:LoadVars = new LoadVars();

      function pollLoaded(){

      poll.onLoad = pollLoaded;

      function submitChoice(){
      var choice:Number = radioGroup.selectedData;
      poll.load(pollURL + "?choice=" + choice);

      submit_btn.onRelease = function(){

      I then run the movie and receive the error message:
      Error opening URL
      " http://www.--mywebsite--.com/poll.asp?choice=1"

      When I open a web browser and type in: http://www.--mywebsite--.com/poll.asp I seem to get the correct URL string result.