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    Windows 7 & CS4 Encoding Problem: DivX / Xvid / Lagarith


      I'm having a lot of problems exporting a custom video file (1024x768) on CS4 and Win 7 64 Ultimate.
      I installed:
      Xvid 1.1.3 = Does nothing, gives error when trying to execute.
      Xvid - Nic's build = Various codecs, XVid crashes CS4, ffshow crashes CS4, DivX creates 10 Gig files that cannot be

      Lagarith Lossless Video Codec cannot be installed.

      Uncompressed creates a 15 Gig file that cannot be used.
      Encoding takes 3+ hours on a 5 Gig AMD X2.
      The video clip is only 5 minutes long, how can I solve this export problem?