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    PayPal button "out of date"  ??

    Tony Heagren Level 1

      Hi all,

      I've been using a paypal button on my site for a couople of years with no problems. Suddenly I get an email from a potential customer saying that as she clicked the "buy now" she got this message from paypal:

      "You have requested an outdated version of PayPal. This error often results from the use of bookmarks."

      Very strange...

      So my button code looks like this (anyone know what needs to be "updated") ?

      on (release) {
      var paypal = new LoadVars();
      paypal.cmd = '_xclick';
      paypal.upload = '1';
      paypal.business = 'me@somedomain.com';
      paypal.currency_code = 'GBP';
      paypal.amount = price;
      paypal.no_shipping = '1';
      paypal.shipping = '0';
      paypal.tax = '0';
      paypal.lc = 'GB';
      paypal.item_name = [style+", "+type];
      paypal.send('https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr', 'POST');

      Best wishes


      EDIT - same problem for this guy (click the button he is selling for example of "out of date" message).