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    Decision gates or progress bar in Flex


      Hello community!


      I'am new to this forum an to Flex. About the last weeks I tried some small stuff in Flex to get confident with the behavior of the application and controlls. I got in touch with Flex to build some graphical interface for a SAP custom developement. So my question: I need to implement a sort of progress bar. Lets say an 'item' that gets through some hierachical org.units for approval. The progress of the items approval should be shown graphically in a Flex application (Rich Island/Flash Island WebDynpro ABAP). Progress means for the user: who has to approve this item now at this time.


      I searched for some Flex solution but can't find anything. Is it possible to do this in Flex and how? I thought of a kind of arranging images (arranged as a line from left to right) and changing visibilty from nearly transparent to solid, depending on the current 'position' of the item.


      So because I'm new, I hope you can give me some inspiration what is possible in Flex.


      Thanks a lot for you contribution,