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    Project Preset to use with m2t files in CS4


      I capture HD video from my Sony HDR-HC9 using the Sony capture utility.   The Sony capture utility can divide the capture into datestamp clips,  while Premiere Capture just does it as one file (If I am wrong about  this please let me know).


      I want to know what project preset I should use with these files.  I  want to edit HD at the best fidelity possible since I want to be able  to export to various media types from DV mpg (for my cable access  shows), youtube, DVD, and blue ray.


      I just bought a Sony VPC-F1190X with Adobe Premiere Pro CS4  installed.  So far it works beautifully with the m2t files with the HDV  1080i30(60i) preset or with the ACH-I 100 1080i60.