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    WMV problem



      With Premiere CS4, I exported videos as WMP (codec Windows Media Video 9, NO audio). They all play well on Windows Vista.

      But on Windows 2000, 3 of them don't play. I'm getting this message from Windows Media Player : Windows Media Player encountered an unknown error. Though I exported all the movies in the same way.

      I used GSPOT to know more about each video, and I discovered that for the videos that don't work, in the User Data/Metadata in is written : Vid:NumberOfFrames:0. For those who work there is a amount of NumberOfFrames.


      Also, I made some test on videos that don't work, and find out that when I export the audio, the movie will work on Windows 2000 but with a disturbing noise.


      Does any when can help me with that?


      Thanks in advance