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    AVCHD to HDV Conversion Question

    Runamok_USA Level 1

      I have been doing SD video for 10 years (Sony PD150) but there is so much now to learn about shooting in HD and the associated workflow. Please forgive me if I am a noob when it comes to the workflow but I do have a question in regards to how I am doing it.
      I have a Canon HG10 (shoots at 1440x1080 @ 15mbps) which I can edit fairly well in CS4 but use TMPGEnc 4 to convert to the HDV format as this is a lot less taxing on my system. I purchased a Canon HF S10 recently and shot some test footage in MXP (Full HD at 24 mbps) mode and it crushed my system when messing with the footage in CS4 (i would suspect) due to the 24 mbps vs 15 with the HG10?


      Anyways, so is there any reason to shoot in MXP mode since I am going to convert it to HDV (which is 1440x1080 instead of 1820x1080) just not sure if the extra quality I gain on the front side adds anything to the footage after it is converted? I have other options I can shoot in that will put my video at 1440x1080 (at 12mbps) so does the bit rate still stay higher in the HDV mode or does this get reduced in the conversion? Just really unsure how this whole process works and if I am wasting time shooting in the higher quality modes since I am converting it to HDV.


      Thanks in advance

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          You start with AVCHD material and I understand that your PC is not powerful enough for comfortable editing in this format. That is clear and you are not alone with that dilemma. Many find that you really need a powerful PC to edit that material. HDV is a much easier format to edit and puts less strain on your PC, but...


          Every conversion to another format costs you quality.

          If you reduce your bitrate during your shoots, you reduce quality and you lose again when converting.

          I would not compromise during shoots. Use maximum quality (24 Mbps). That will ensure you have the best quality available, even though it may be difficult to edit on current day hardware/software, but tomorrow may be a different matter and then you will be lucky to have that maximum quality. In three years time you will laugh about your worries today, it will be easy to edit and you will have maximum quality.


          Second issue, you probably do not want HDV as a delivery format, but BRD (Blu Ray Disk). HDV is only feasible if you have a HDV camera or deck and export back to tape.


          I think you better consider an intermediate format like Cineform, which requires around three times as much storage, but is easier to edit, or consider upgrading your system.

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            Menifee Video


            That makes sense to record at the highest quality (especially since in a couple years it will not be an issue to edit them hopefully)

            I had looked at Cineform before but was not 100% sure on how it worked and then stumbeled upon TMPGE 4 and it worked pretty well but of course it puts it into the 1440x1080 resolution. So if I got Cineform what would work good for me? the Neoscence product? also how does the 24p conversion work on the product? do I shoot in 60i, 30p or 24p or do I let it do that part for me? I am really new at the whole HD thing but I do know that when I did test shots on my camera in 24p it was choppy on playback but 30p and 60i were fine.


            Arrrgggg....the joy of so much to learn......

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              My luck is I have never edited AVCHD and I don't intend to, so I do not feel qualified to answer this specific question. I hope others will jump in and give you specific answers.