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    Click on image and set form select value


      I have a form (post) created by a software package. I have entered that form into my web page and it works fine. The web page uses a number of images to help the user select options on a product that they want. For example, one selection is color - so there are color swatches. When they click on the swatch, other images on the page are swapped to show the appropriate procuct configuration.


      We want to use the images and not the form as our interface so I am trying to set the select value in the form when the user makes their option selections. I would think this would be something fairly common and straight forward but I am not able to figure this out and can not find a solution using web searches.


      Here is a sampe of the table code I am using:

      <form  id="OrderForm" action="url.cgi" method=post>
      <select id="FormColorOption" name="opt:0" size=1>
      <option id="optionTitle" value="      View Colors      ;n">      View Colors     
      <option id="colorOption1" value="       Black">       Black
      <option id="colorOption2" value="       Cloud">       Cloud
      <option id="colorOption3" value="       Midnight">       Midnight


      And the onClick code for the image looks something like:

      onclick="MM_swapImage('ViewColors','','media/pageImages/LabelJet.gif',1);MM_showHideLayers ('ProductColor1','','show','Product1','','show','ProductColor2','','hide','Product2','','h ide','ProductColor3','','hide','Product3','','hide','Color1','','hide','Color2','','hide', 'Color3','','hide');MM_setTextOfLayer('Desc1Title','','&lt;h1&gt; Entrechat&lt;br /&gt;\nJet Black&lt;/h1&gt;');MM_changeProp('FormColorOption','','Value','\&quot;       Black\&quot;','SELECT')"


      This Change Preperty code is not working for me and I've tried every variation I can think of.


      Can someone point me to an example of this, another post with a solution or just provide a direct answer in how to code this? PLEASE.