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    Dynamic Modules in CG3 Revisited

    Jeff Battershall Level 1

      I've taken some time to look further into the code of the Navigation/Module Libraries and I must say the work is impressive - especially the ability to lazy load modules based upon navigation messages.  The question remains how to make the loading of modules 100% dynamic as opposed to requiring a reference to the ParselyModuleDescriptor for every module available in the context mxml.  Each IModuleInfo has an associated factory which of course is necessary for each individually loaded module, but it would seem that some sort of higher level factory class instance in the context would be indicated to allow the dynamic addition of modules, based upon a simple descriptor passed to the factory.


      When a navigation message is dispatched, the container should be able to load a module if it isn't already there, and create an automationName for the module so it can work within the navigation messaging scheme.


      The goal is to de-couple the compilation of the shell application from the available modules so that a new compiled module can be made available by credentials without requiring a re-compilation of the entire app.  This is especially needful for AIR applications.


      Tom & Alex, I wonder what your thoughts are on this at this point.