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    Strange Issue With Exporting JPgs

    Bernhardyt Level 1

      I am having a strange problem with exporting my vector files to jpgs.  When I export the file as a .jpg then open it some of the text or shapes (like rectangles or squares) are gone.  When I go back and open the .ai file the stuff is there, but it's just gone on the jpg.  If I open the .ai file in Photoshop it is gone also.  I have to save the file as a pdf then open the pdf in Photoshop and export as a .jpg from there.  It is very strange.  If I go into the Illustrator file and re-type the text that disapers, it usualy corrects the probelm.  I am not an expert with Illustrator so I may be doing something wrong, if anyone can help please let me know, thanks!! (I have CS3)