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    from executable to website

      Someone at our brother company created an interactive program for students using director...it is an .exe file. I have all of the original source files, and I need to make a website from it for students to be able to use instead of distributing the dvd to them. When I open up his main file it seems to import everything needed, but when I preview in web browser all i get is a black screen which is the same as what I get when I publish it as a website. If I just try and run it from in director I get some script errors dealling with the budyapi, but I have all of the xtra files where they need to be. I am very new to director, but the program seems to be set up to publish ur work directly for the web so I do not understand why I am having so much trouble.
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          You will probably need to make significant changes to the program in
          order to work on the web. BuddyAPI is not shockwave safe, so it can not
          be used in shockwave at all. Any calls to that xtra (or others that you
          may be using that are not shockwave safe) will need to be changed to
          something that is safe or removed.

          By the way, if you are getting errors in authoring mode, then you do not
          have all the xtras where they need to be. They need to be in the xtras
          folder of Director (the authoring program), not just in a subfolder
          under the projector.

          First step will be to fix it so that there are no errors in Authoring.
          Second step is to remove anything that is not shockwave safe. Then it
          should work.
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            how do i know which xtras are safe for shockwave and which are not? in the xtras folder there is: budapi,cursorassest,cursoroptions, filelo, font asset dialog, font asset, font extra, ineturl, muidialog, netfile, netlingo, printomatic, qt6asset, qtauth, qtexport, textasset, textauth,textextra,txtcrnch
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              Most of the xtras that come with Director are fine. Third party xtras
              all have this information in the documention that comes with them. From
              your list, BuddyAPI and FileIO are the only ones that I think you will
              have trouble with. You most likely do not need qtauth since it is
              authoring only.

              Due to the nature of web browsers and shockwave, you can not include an
              external xtras folder. You must set them to download automatically. To
              do that, go to Modify, Movie, Xtras. Each xtra that is there needs to
              have the checkbox ticked for "Download if needed". If it is greyed out,
              then it is possible that the xtra is not shockwave safe, or that you
              have not setup Director correctly. Read the docs about Packaging Movies
              for Distribution. That explains it all.

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                thank you so much