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    Strange "hanging application" issue on datagrid item click


      Hello all,


      I have an application that sort of "freezes" when the user clicks on an item in a particular datagrid.  The application doesn't completely freeze, the user simply cannot use any controls of any sort (buttons, tabs, etc.) but can close the application without problem, even executing the final Javascript callback on close without any delay/problem of any sort.


      The reason I can't use conventional debugging techniques is because this behavior does NOT occur on the original development machine (even if accessed through the URL, not launched through Flex Builder).  On the 7 computers I have tested this on, 3 (all development computers even if not used for developing this project) do not ever exhibit this behavior and 4 exhibit the freezing behavior.  All 4 of these are connected to the deployed version.  I am using WebORB for data transfer but I do not think it is the problem as none of my other screens exhibit similar behavior, even though everything is constructed similarly.


      I had an idea that it had to do with the debug version of flash player (which is present on all 3 machines that this works correctly on).  All computers are using the same version of IE.


      Anyone have any ideas or see anything similar?