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    OSMF instead of AS3 -- Why Again?

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      Would someone please explain to me again why we need OSMF? It's just pseudo-methods built with AS3--why not just use AS3? Why not simply create an open-source AS3 media player class library? Why are all the new methods (whose names change with each Sprint release) needed again--seems like it's just for Flex (MXML) developers. I'm sorry Father, my faith is weakening.

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          Hi John,


          Great question.


          Following are a few quick thoughts in response.  Please post back if you do  (or do not) find any of the following helpful in response to your questions.


          Here are a few cases where you do *NOT* need OSMF:

          • FLVPlayback works just fine
          • You already have production media players


          fwiw, First OSMF *IS* ""an open-source AS3 media player class library.  (I  think.)  Do you mean just a "pure" AS3 media player?  Without the various  parsers, plug-in architecture, layout and composition capabilities, etc.?


          Second, OSMF is *NOT* "just for Flex (MXML) developers".  Yes, Flex  ActionScript developers can use OSMF.  And yes the OSMF team uses Flex/Flash  Builder ActionScript projects for organizing the OSMF code base and MXML  projects for most samples.  However, it is anticipated that for lightweight  production SWFs, most implementations will use Flash in building their media  player UI skins.  Reason being, most production implementations will not want or  need the SWF file size increase that using the full Flex 3 / Flex 4 framework  will add.


          So, WHY OSMF?


          We just today got the following article up on the Adobe Developer  Connection:


          Open Source Media Framework: Introduction and overview


          The article highlights a lot of the business case for OSMF.


          One use case where OSMF is a no-brainer choice today is:

          • HTTP Streaming (currently code-named Project Zeri)


          Other areas with very strong use cases:

          • Advertising 
            • In-line
            • Pre-roll
            • Post-roll
            • Companion ads, overlays, leave behinds, etc.
            • Using VAST and/or MAST


          Once OSMF gets to v1.0, hopefully momentum around OSMF will build quickly,  and OSMF will become compelling for more and more use cases.  For instance,  OSMF's plug-in architecture will result in an ecosystem of partners including  CDNs, analytics, advertising, etc.  As partners provide plug-ins that deliver  functionality your media players require, your using their plug-ins will provide  you immediate payback for learning OSMF's abstractions


          In short, OSMF is not the optimal solution for every use case.  However, it  will be optimal for some.


          Small note ... sorry about "the new methods (whose names change with each  Sprint release)".  The API is now frozen so ... no more name changes  :-)   (Sorry about your being exposed the frustrations of pre general release code.)





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            jcastelain Level 1

            Hi John,


            I also usually try to avoid dependencies in my flash projects like using libraries when there is no need to, etc.

            But sometimes it's really worth it.


            I've integrated OSMF in a project I'm actively working on right now, and even though I also complained a bit because of the changes that had been made from a release to another I managed to refactor my code and understand the changes because the code and samples are really well documented and explained.


            I think that you should use OSMF if you're developing an application that uses media elements such as videos, images and audio because it'll make your life much easier. And one thing no one can deny (even though they might no use the same approach or techniques) is that OSMF is a really neat piece of code. The last interesting point is that you can easily extend OSMF.


            A few things OSMF has helped me with so far :
            I haven't found an easier solution to synchronize several videos other than OSMF.
            Loading a video with OSMF (once you've imported the lib) is done in 2 lines of code.


            Just my 2 cents,