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    Panning across PDF documents in video


      My client wants to make a video of a PDF document. In other words, he wants me to take the PDF document and pan across it and show some of the paragraphs while it is voiced over. The only way that I know to do this is to make the document into a high res image file and import it in to Premiere. When I play this on a TV, the words are very blurry. Are there any suggestions to making this clearer and easier to read, or am I going about the whole thing in a wrong way? If so, any other suggestions? I am using Premiere Pro CS3.


      Thanks for the help.

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          idk i would just use a screen capture application to do all that.. simple and easy..

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            Depending on the design of the PDF, I'd be tempted to recreate it in PS as a PSD, taking into consideration the differences between print and video, like font, font-weight, Leading, etc. Video, even HD video, is pretty low-rez. Fonts, Leading, Kerning, etc., that look great in print, look like ca-ca in Video. Same for still images. Many trade-offs in Video.


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            PS - if you have a combo of Text and image in the PDF, you might want to Open it in PS and then resize to what you will need in the Video, to allow your Pans, and explore the Bicubic Sharper, and also Bicubic Smoother Scaling algorithms. Your results WILL be better than bringing in an oversized image and letting PrPro do the Scaling.