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    When import mif, can I control the topic heading level?


      With the old Robohelp, when I imported mifs, there was the option to say at what level heading the import would be,

      so the result would be that for each section (folder) there would be separate topics for each subheading. Since the

      Sections were very large, this would allow the user to walk through the document subsection by subsection. It also

      made the connection to our product that calls RoboHelp easier, since the help button would open RoboHelp on a

      lower level heading inside a subsection.


      In Robo8 demo, I don;t see this option, and each gigantic Section is a folder and one topic. Moreover, it takes several seconds

      to open. Not sure if that is related to the size of the topic or not.


      I think the attachments show this, anything I am missing? Need for a script?