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    Actionscript 1 to 2 button reverse


      Hey guys, i found some nice code on AS1 to use with my Button and MC.



      the MC doesnt play when mouse is not on button

      when mouse over button i want the MC to play. (only once then stop)

      when mouse off button i want the MC to play in reverse. (and stop when its back to the beginning)


      (btw both the MC and Button are in a movie clip - as i need to make many of them)


      the code is in AS1 and doesnt seem to work in AS2 which is where i need it.

      Maybe someone can see whats wrong and convert parts for me or give me a new code

      code for button:

      on (rollOver) {
      mc1.goBack = false;
      on (rollOut) {
      mc1.goBack = true;

      code for MC:

      onClipEvent (enterFrame) {


      code for actions layer:

      MovieClip.prototype.rewind = function () {
      if (goBack && (_currentframe>1)) {
      gotoAndStop (_currentframe-1);



      thanks i really need this code!!!! appriecate any1s help =)