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    omg help-template does not create the page I want


      I got my site all finished, it's uploaded, works fine online.  I went to go make a site map in DW CS4 and I went to apply template(the one I have used for all my pages) and it came up completely different then what my template looks like.  It is white, the links are blue(my sitemap links) and the pictures show up.  So I closed out of everything restarted DW and went to new/page from template, the preview looks like what I want but when I click on create it comes up as the white page with the blue links.  I do not know if I just hit a button or what but I am freaking out.  I am a newbie to DW so I don't know if there is some setting I can fix and it will all be better. Please Help, it took me a long time to create the template I wanted and now it's gone!