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    PE 8 won't render PE 4 project


      I have a project that is just a slide show (all still pictures, no video). I created it in PE4. It had some minor "flickering" issues so I wanted to open in my newly acquired PE 8 and see if the problems went away. I can open the project without problems but when I attempt to render the project, PE 8 does some stuff, but does not show the "frame" indicator or progress bar. "Render Details" shows file names changing, but the Rendering Media progress bar stays at 0%. After some time (30 seconds more or less), the project will begin playing, but transitions are still not smooth. The red line above the work area does not change to green. I have cleared the rendered files out of the project. I'm on most recent Quicktime. My video card is vanilla Intel Graphics. Running on a separate internal 1TB drive. PC is an Intel Quad core processor with 8GB RAM. I have been using PE for many years, and generally have not had issues moving forward. A simple project created in PE 8 does render correctly. I have adjusted I have set preferences/scratch disks so all are in the project directory. So, the question: is there anything that needs to be done to make rendering work on older projects, or shoud I just stick to the older version of PE for those?

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          nealeh Level 5

          What are the image sizes of those still photographs?


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            I have the exact same problem, except that I was opening a PE7 project, about 4 minutes long.


            This project was originally setup in PE7, and rendered fine in it. But when I open it in PE8, it opens OK, but the render line is red. Tried deleting all render files for ALL projects, and re-render but the red render line doesn't change to green.


            I have downloaded latest video drivers for NVidea, turned off GPU render, Tuned off the threading option. Havn't had any crashed, but the project won't render. New projects render fine.


            My still images are 4024x2776.

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              You must reduce your photos to 1000x750 pixels in size, per the FAQs to the right of this forum.



              Also ensure that you've installed the 8.01 patch by going to Help/Check for Updates.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                This ARTICLE will give you tips on Scaling your still images to the proper pixel sizes with automation in Photoshop. PSE can do similar. Aside from making things much, much easier on your program, and your computer, but the quality will actually be better. This is one time where bigger is NOT better.


                Good luck,



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                  Lens48 Level 1

                  Thanks for both answers.


                  I have installed the 8.01 patch. I'm using Win7 Home Prem 64bit w 4Gb RAM, and a Core2 Quad @ 2.5ghz. Following the suggestions to minimize unexplained crashes has really helped the stability of PE8.


                  In the future, since this is for HD video, I'll use the 2000 pixel wide measurement.


                  But the resizing answer is not what I wanted to hear. I am using about 200 stills, cycling every 5 to 6 seconds. Because every still is using pans & zooms (a la Ken Burns) the problem is not resizing, but having to go back in to the timeline and reset the pans and zooms for each of the 200 stills. This would be hours of work. Fortunately, I exported an AVI of the whole PE7 timeline, and will just bring that into the timeline of PE8. Then new stills that will be added to the end will use the new resized stills, per your suggestion.


                  Clearly, there are differences between PE7 and PE8. PE7 handled this with no problem, oversized stills and all. PE8 chokes. I know Adobe will eventually get this right, but the waiting is excruciating.


                  Basically, I brought this on myself because I broke my rule: "Do not change software in the middle of a project!"


                  But I DO appreciate your help, suggestions, and support. Thanks!

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9
                    Clearly, there are differences between PE7 and PE8. PE7 handled this with no problem, oversized stills and all. PE8 chokes.


                    PrE 8 requires more resources than PrE 7 did. It is very likely that you were squeaking by on your system with PrE 7, and PrE 8 needed more than the computer could provide.


                    Also, in the time between the use of those two programs, many pieces of bloatware could well have been added. Programs like iTunes will add several Processes that load at boot up. One is totally unaware of these, but they sap resources.


                    Good luck,



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                      Lens48 Level 1

                      Makes sense!


                      When you are dealing with full motion video, it DOES tax the resources (computer). And since many of us are jumping into HD with the release of PE8, that ups the ante.


                      Thanks again.

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                        bitnerd Level 1

                        As a point of clarification, yes, I do create copies of my photos/scans that are in the 1000x750 range (more or less). I use these copies when I use those pictures in videos. This is the case with the project in question. I have done dozens of different projects over the last few years (mostly slide-type shows, but many videos) and none that I have opened with PE 8 will properly render (with the red line disappearing.) There seems to be something fundamental that prevents PE 8 from working correctly with PE 4 (and maybe PE 7 based on comments) projects. My computer should be adequate for doing this sort of processing (it is a few months old, and much better than the one that it replaced, on which most of my PE 4 projects were created.) I was hoping there is some menu item I haven't found that would clear out rendered files and let them be recreated.

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                          bitnerd Level 1

                          One more detail. Using PE 8 oin the PE 4 project, I was able to both "share" the project as a .avi file that looked perfect and generate a complete DVD project, even though I can't render the project in the timeline. So, most functionality is there, just not rendering.

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                            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                            I always advise people to never try to open an older version of a Premiere Elements project with a newer version of the program. The program's design

                            changes so radically between generations that there are nearly always problems. This may be one of them.


                            As a rule of thumb, we usually tell people to find any project in the program it was started in or, when it's far enough along, export it as a DV-AVI and import that into your new program.



                            Going from version 4 to version 8 skips two generations (version 4 to 7 to 8).

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                              VDOSurfer Level 3

                              Yes, there is some pain in this regard. (Rendering a timeline from an older version of PrE)


                              I guess you would want to add an effect/transition and see the effect on the monitor and then and only then decide to export it to a DVD or a file.

                              To get around it, I would suggest the following..


                              Say you have a transition added between two clips in an older version of PrE and the rendering does not happen. You can move the work area bar to cover the exact area of interest and then export to a dv-avi file. (Longer process, but always accurate). Make sure that you have the option that says "Export only work area bar" checked in the Export screen.


                              This work area bar will then become a small avi file, that can be separately viewed and then deleted. This takes less than 10 secs to export and then playing the file on a player (vlc?) takes another 10 secs. Agreed that what should have taken less than a sec is taking 20 or so, but you can be sure of how the file would look when exported at all times. No surprises!


                              If you are not one of those who edits the transitions a lot, you can also do this. In the same timeline, import two other images, after the complete imported timeline and then "try-out" the transition/effect/title on that and use that on the actual clips you need to export. Be sure to delete the "test" files before exporting to DVD.


                              Another approach you can take is to import all the images directly in PrE8 and then do this editing, if you have time that is.


                              Meanwhile we can all hope this thing gets solved by the time more of us don't get frustrated more.


                              I have not seen a problem in the exported content, ever, just that rendering does not happen correctly for these projects not native to PrE8. Something I personally can live with, with these workarounds, of course 

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