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    CS4 Adjusment Brush causes unmodified areas to lighten


      I think there is a bug with the adjustment brush....if I open an image with a sky, and use the adjustment brush, it causes bright areas in the sky to overexpose....but the problem is that I DIDN'T touch those areas....if you look at the two images, the bottom shows the much brighter highlights in the sky above her head, and you can see where I used the brush in the lower right side...so it shouldn't effect the area above her head....and the weird thing is, it does it even if I set the brush to lower the exposure.


      I have tried resetting preferences as well as completely uninstalling Photoshop...and I even tried it on another computer on a fresh install and the same problem.  It appears to be a bug.


      I have also unchecked Show Mask and it still does it.