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    Add/Remove instance manager issues

    BCangelosi Level 1

      My add instance button is working as intended.

      The remove instance button is working, but not as I would like it to. The instance it removes is not necessarily the last instance added, as I would like. When "clicked" it removes the second instance listed. This is a problem when you add 5 or so instances, and need to remove the last one, and end up having to remove all of them because removing the #2 instance just messed up the order of instances.


      If this is not making sense I can show you what I'm referring to by uploading/sending interested parties the form.


      Here is the "click" event javascript code. I adopted the code from the remove instance manager example, maybe I did not convert it correctly to my form. Not sure why it deletes from the first instance down, instead of last instance up. Any help is appreciated.



      var nNumSub = 0;

      var nSubLength = Subform1.nodes.length;

      for (var nCount = 0; nCount < nSubLength; nCount ++)  {

           if (Subform1.nodes.item(nCount).className == "subform"  {

                nNumSub = nNumSub + 1;



      nNumSub = nNumSub - 1;


      if (nNumSub < 1)  {

          xfa.host.messageBox("The minimum allowable number of subforms is 1. You cannot remove any more subforms.", "Warning", 3);


      else {





      Thank you,


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          pguerett Level 6

          If you want to remove the last one why not use the count method on the instance Manager. This will give you a count of subforms that are displayed (it is 1 based), then subtract 1 to get the instance number for the last subform.


          nNumSub =  Subform1.Subform2.SubformImpression.instanceManager.count



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            BCangelosi Level 1

            That script does nothing as a replacement script or added to my original script.


            It still deletes instances starting at the top.


            Perhaps I missed something.


            EDIT: Added the -1 to the end of it and worked perfectly when added in parenthesis to my original script.


            Thanks again Paul.

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              Shailevit Level 1



              So I want to do the same thing, but my instance manager set-up is much simpler:


              form1.QuickNoteGathering.Data.Button1::click - (JavaScript, client)




              So what code would I use to have a button that removes the last instance added?


              Also, I want the instances to continue on to several pages if needed (i.e.: my outlay is just a small sample and one can add as many additional information layers as they need). But it all goes awray as it comes to the buttom of the first page. So I can I assure that as you click the add additional info, it will persist to as many pages as needed?


              Thanks. I can send you the form if you need me too, since there is no upload anymore to this forum.





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                PhyllisCaro2010 Level 1

                Paul has helped me with issue. Here's the code.

                Table1.detail.instanceManager.removeInstance(Table1.detail.instanceManager.count -1)


                To make your table continues to second page, Make sure your form is Dynamic and set to Flowed.